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Crafting A Difference

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Delighted to be part of Ting - Ying Gallery showing as part of CRAFTING A DIFFERENCE curated by Brian Kennedy at SoShiro Gallery 20th January - 2nd April 2021.

This exciting physical show takes place over four floors in the beautiful Marylebone townhouse where the works are placed in gallery-style rooms within a home style setting. The show is supported by Michelangelo Foundation.

Love the mission statement on CRAFTING A DIFFERENCE page.....

'Our mission. 2020 has been a disruptive year for the Art, Craft and Design worlds. Fairs are being cancelled, exhibitions postponed, and more and more things have been moved online. This is not the ideal way to view objects. As five commercial galleries involved in the contemporary craft sector, we have become increasingly concerned about the effect this is having on the market and the ability for great work to be seen. We have come together with curator Brian Kennedy to develop projects to increase the visibility of the contemporary object within today’s changed landscape. Together we can make things happen'.

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